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Roster Report: Jason Gardner


Name: Jason Gardner

Nicknames: Rocket, Jay, J-Money

Age: 25

Height: 5 ft 8

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology & Economics

Jersey Number: 33

Position: Chaser

House: Gryffindor

Patronus: Dolphin

Favorite Non-Quidditch Hobbies: Singing, exercising, obstacle course racing, watching anime, reading, hanging out with friends

Fandoms (Top 3): Anime, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars


Why Did You Join Quidditch at VCU?: I always dreamed about being a collegiate athlete, but it never developed into concrete plans and actions. I never played any sport long enough to get good to be able to play at a high level. When I got to VCU four years ago, I knew that there was a Quidditch team, and I said that I was going to play. But I never actually made the effort to join. But when I saw the team around campus at the beginning of the semester, I decided to seize my chance and put in the time and effort to make it happen. Best thing I could have ever done because I’m a college athlete now.

Favorite Game: Syracuse at Turtle Cup IV. I didn’t know going in at the time, but Syracuse was written in an opinion piece as the likely choice to take the third place spot in our pool over us and GMU. So being able to come together with the rest of Wizengamot and pull out the win against them and eventually make it to bracket play when the odds were against us…I love being bet against because I love proving those people wrong.

Worst Quinjury: Shin splints. Bane of my existence. Whether at practice or in matches, I always get it at some point.

Fun Fact: I am an actor with credits in films such as “Lincoln,” “A Christmas Kiss,” “Killing Kennedy,” and “Field of Lost Shoes.”


Favorite Quidditch Moment: Scoring multiple goals against George Mason University at Turtle Cup IV. If it wasn’t for the hard-work and determination to win, my teammates wouldn’t have come up with the turnovers that led to me getting my goals. Being able to put points up and help Wizengamot move closer toward a win gives me a good feeling that I am contributing to the team, as well as lets me know that I’m getting better as the days go by.

What Are You Most Excited For (in terms of Quidditch)?: I am really excited for tournaments. Being able to compete against schools from across the nation and travel to places that I’ve never been before makes for one incredible journey with great memories. And knowing that I have my Wizengamot family with me throughout it all makes it that much more special to me.


VCU is hosting UVA and UR!


Quidditch at VCU is hosting University of Richmond and University of Virginia on Saturday the 5th at 1 pm! Everyone is welcome to attend. This is a free event, so bring your friends! It’ll be at Petronius Park, just off campus, at 1400 Idlewood Avenue. 


Congratulations to Wizengamot!! We had a fantastic day up at University of Maryland at the 4th annual Turtle Cup! We had some hard games in the morning but pulled through to go 2 – 2 and advance to bracket play as the #8 seed!!

Pool Play
Villanova v. Wizengamot 90* - 30
University of Richmond v. Wizengamot 100* - 30
Syracuse v. Wizengamot 40* - 80
George Mason University v. Wizengamot 50 – 100*

Bracket Play
New York University v. Wizengamot 110* – 20

We learned a lot as a team and had a really great day! Thank you so much to UMD Quidditch for hosting an amazing tournament and thank you to everyone that we played yesterday, Villanova QuidditchUR Club QuidditchSyracuse University Club QuidditchMason Quidditch, and NYU Nundu.

Quidditch at VCU’s next game will be Sunday October 5th at VCU against University of Virginia.

Great first practice today! We’re excited about this year’s new recruits and how well they did. It’s gonna be an awesome year!
In case you can’t find us at SOVO, we’re over there. Stop by and enter to win a Quidditch prize pack!
First officer meeting of the year selfie! We’re the only ones to get the job done~
Join Quidditch at VCU! Quidditch is a co-ed, fast paced, full contact sport that is great for all skill levels! This year, Quidditch at VCU will offer 2 teams, a competitive team (Wizengamot) and a developmental team (Commonwealth Quidditch.) For more info, like us on Facebook at Wizengamot Quidditch of VCU!
The secret’s out. We’re excited to welcome Commonwealth Quidditch, our unofficial second squad, to the pitch this year.T-minus 12 days.