Wizengamot Quidditch
The official Quidditch Club Team of Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Weekend Recap


We had a blast playing VCU this weekend!

The results from our best-2 of 3 series: 

First match: 160*-60, UR      

Second match: 100*-20, UR

And then our rookies went up against Commonwealth Quidditch.      

Rookie match: 130*-10, UR

We want to thank VCU for coming out to play us. Everyone on both teams played great!

T-6 days until our first match!



Hanging out at the VCU Men’s soccer match tonight!
Great first practice today! We’re excited about this year’s new recruits and how well they did. It’s gonna be an awesome year!

We’re ready for SOVO! Come learn about tryouts for our official squad, practice times and more, VCU!
In case you can’t find us at SOVO, we’re over there. Stop by and enter to win a Quidditch prize pack!

Selfie Friday: quidditch kit edition

Lookin’ good and reppin’ the squad!
First officer meeting of the year selfie! We’re the only ones to get the job done~