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The official Quidditch Club Team of Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Congratulations to former Wizengamot President Lydia Fisher-Lasky on being elected Mid-Atlantic Regional Director!!

Once a teammate, always a teammate. Congrats to our graduates!

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Joining the quidditch community is simple!

Whether you’re interested in playing on an existing team, starting your own, becoming a snitch or referee, watching a few games, attending quidditch conventions/events, or volunteering to join our staff..we want you to become a part of our family…

Who’s ready for RCI?

Cartoon request hour: “adequateantics asked: Could you draw something for Wizengamot, VCU’s Quidditch team?”

Thanks, RVA Coffee Stain!
Could you draw something for Wizengamot, VCU's Quidditch team? Facebook. com/wizengamotquidditchclubofvcu


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This is the last one. Sorry I couldn’t get to all of them. Thanks for being awesome and sending in your ideas!

Rising Roster Report: Mello Cefola

Name: Romello Cefola

Nicknames: Mello

Age: 19 

Height: 5’ 10”

Hometown: Henrico, VA

Year: Freshman

Major: Undeclared (soon to be chem. engineering)

Jersey Number: 14 

Position: Beater

House: Hufflepuff

Patronus: Narwhal

Favorite Non-Quidditch Hobbies: break dancing, guitar, martial arts

Fandoms (Top 3): Dr. Who, Dexter, Attack on titan

Why Did You Join Wizengamot?:  how could anyone refuse such an imaginative and awesome game?

Favorite Game: Haven’t been able to play in any yet, but loved seeing the VCU/ U. of R. snow scrimmage

Worst Quinjury: Only injury so far is a badly sprained thumb

Fun Fact: Will. I. Am made a song for a club I used to be in in high school (geekin’)

Favorite Quidditch Moment: first time beating someone in a practice game

What Are You Most Excited For (in terms of Quidditch)?: next World Cup